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English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are not endangered. They’re great at guarding. They have great intelligence, but a bit stubborn. In a group of puppies, the pack is called a litter. In the group of adults, its called a pack or a kennel. English Bulldogs hate to be alone. They can live up to 8-12 years! Thats a long time! This information is from

Mystery Number

1.My Mystery Number has 6 digits.
2.My Ten-Thousands place number is the sum of 6+2.
3.The ones place is double the amount of 4.
4.The tens place is the product of 5 and 1.
5.The hundreds place is the difference of 13 and 7.
6.The thousands place number is the difference of 17 and 15.
7.In the hundreds thousands place, the number is the difference of 22 and 21.

What is my mystery number?

Art Bot

I had to get the battery so everything would work. Next, I had to get the motor so it would move. Then, I got four markers and decorated it. Next, I got the switch and connected it to the battery and the motor. Finally, it started to move!

Hello World!

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