First Week of School

Well for the first week of my senior year, I don’t have a lot of complaining about it. I hope for this to be my best year left seeing as it’s my final one before I move out into the real world. So far have meet a lot of new people that seem pretty cool and fun so it’s going pretty well so far. Don’t have a lot of classes so far that aren’t to difficult for me which will be good for not overwhelming myself. Looking forward to this last school year and hoping I can make a lot of lasting memories that I will be able to remember for my entire life.

Spanish Paragraph

Animal resume

                                                             Mr. Sea Turtle




I am a little slow, but a fast thinker and learner. I think I will qualify for a cashier because I’m really good with money and people.I have never had some experience with money, but I was let off at my old job. You may need to know that I migrate. I migrate hundreds or thousands of miles to a nesting beach, but if you need me to change something I will try my best.



I usually am a very good worker, but when there is a shark nearby I get a little nervous. I don’t go good with sharks, so if there is a shark around, I’ll do my job a little sloppy. I mainly only life in shallow, coastal waters with lush sea grass beds. I will ONLY eat greens, no meat what so ever.


Professional experience                                                                                                                  

  • Cashier at burger king
  • Cab driver
  • Race car driver
  • Professional Wrestler
  • Doctor

Moon phase mix up

      One day the Moon was getting very annoyed. The Moon phases were arguing about how the order goes. Starting with the new moon. The waning gibbous said he was next in the clockwise order. Then the full moon, then the waxing crescent, then the 3rd quarter, then the waning crescent, then the waxing gibbous, and then last is the 1st quarter. 

       The full Moon turned around confused and said “Why is are friend Star laughing”? All the moon phases turned around. 1st quarter asked “what is so funny? What’s the joke”? star replied “It’s you. I’m laughing at you”. Then waxing gibbous asked “Why are you laughing at us”? Waning crescent said “What did we do that is so funny”? Star answered “Out of the whole Galaxy you are the only Moon phases who does not know it’s order correctly”. Waxing crescent asked “What are you talking about”? Waning gibbous said “Yeah, we know are order. You are just lying to make us mad”. 3rd quarter said “Why would you lie to us”? New Moon said “I don’t think you are really are friend”. Star replied almost annoyed “Do you not see that you are wrong? Even your own Moon knows the order, but doesn’t want to but in. If you would like to hear your REAL order, just ask”. Full Moon answered “OK, then tell us what you think it is, but we all know you will be wrong, right gang”? All the Moon phases replied “Yes”. Star said, getting real angry now, “Starting with the New moon the Waxing crescent will come next, and then the 1st quarter, then the wWaxing gibbous, then the Full Moon, then the Waning gibbous, next is the 3rd quarter, and last is the Waning crescent, then it starts back all over again. One more thing, you move in a counter-clockwise direction, not clockwise”. New Moon replied “That does sound reasonable. Guy’s, i hate to say this but I think we were wrong. I guess we don’t know everything. Thank you for helping us realize that Star. We are sorry for thinking you were wrong, can you forgive us”? Star said “Yes, I forgive you. I know it’s hard to say you were wrong, but you did. Now all of you do one thing for me. Never forget that your not alway’s right, OK? Can you do that for me”?  All the Moon phases replied “Yes”. Now they act more respectful to everyone they meet, and never forgot what Star said. 

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